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This Glass Embrace
Belong Here

Release Date: May 17, 2019
Label: none

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This Glass Embrace is an indie rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. Since 2006, they have released four full-length albums of guitar-driven pop punk, with regular forays into post-hardcore and folky acoustic songs. Whichever style they’re in, they have a passion for honest, thoughtful lyrics that grapple with both the mundane and the existential.

Belong Here, the band’s first record in four years, begins and ends with an allegorical narrative of love and devotion in the face of a global environmental collapse. In between, the rest of the album delves into politics, fear, and an array of more personal griefs and private joys – all the ways a life can be fractured or made whole again, and the things within and without that can keep us from belonging.

Stream the album below, or on the usual culprits.

From left to right: Zoey LeFevers (drums),
Matt LeFevers (vocals, guitar, keys), Kennedy Rice (bass).
Not pictured: shadow member Jackie LeFevers (vocals).

Track listing:

1. This Year And All The Years To Come
2. They Didn’t Belong Here
3. Stay
4. Echo Screen
5. The Great Somewhere
6. How The Light Changed
7. Elegy
8. Wallflower
9. Some Imagined Safety
10. Always, Always
11. The Floor Beneath Our Feet Gave Way