Old Songs Vol. 1 and 2




I made two albums before This Glass Embrace assumed its current form – both released under my own name. The first one had three or four good songs and then a bunch of experimental nonsense. You will never hear it and that is as it should be. The second (That Being Said…) was recorded using a four track and one microphone, but had basically good songs. That was the album I was supporting at shows when Zoey and Kenny joined the band, but once we had our own songs it was increasingly unnecessary to keep the album they didn’t play on as a part of the discography.

There were a few songs, though, that stuck around. We never stopped slipping “Playing For Sympathy” into set lists, and Zoey loved singing “Amnesia” and regretted not being part of the original recording of it. Somewhere along the line we hatched the idea of these Old Songs EPs, where we would salvage the four best songs from each forgotten Matt album and redo them as a band.

Reach Forever Failing collects the only good songs from my first solo album, and Yeah, We All Make Mistakes collects the four best from my second one.

– Matt LeFevers, 2018



See all lyrics for both of these EPs at Genius.com,
along with annotations by songwriter Matt LeFevers.

Reach Forever Failing (Old Songs, Vol. 1)

Yeah, We All Make Mistakes (Old Songs, Vol. 2)


A homemade lyric video for “Playing For Sympathy”.

A promotional video where we talk about the songs on Yeah, We All Make Mistakes.