Belong Here (2019)





After our last album, we went off the grid for a while. We had made what we set out to make, other bands and side projects beckoned, and it seemed like a good time to pause This Glass Embrace for a few years until we figured out what else we had to say.

We were not remotely expecting what happened to our country in the meantime.

When we began writing again, the world looked different than we had left it. Division and fear, racism and hate, cruelty and greed, had spread like an infection, or had resurfaced from whatever shallow graves used to keep them from sight. The news each day swung wildly between dark comedy and horror. It felt like the end of everything we thought we knew.

We do not consider ourselves a political band, but how were we supposed to stay silent?

There are songs on this album about any number of things – grief and loss, social anxiety, the courageous hope of love. But we feel that, at its core, this record is a defiance of what we have become, and a call to be better before it’s too late.

– Matt LeFevers, 2019


This Glass Embrace_2018-56092018 photo shoot. Photo credit: Jake Hartin.




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